Attractions & Activities

Air Insanity Indoor Trampoline Park is a state-of-the-art family fun facility that will energize and excite the kid at heart in everyone!

Check out some of our Main attractions:

Open Jump Arena

Over 5,000sqft of interconnected trampolines = an INSANE experience. Jump, flip, and tumble off trampolines on our decks and off of trampolines, ramps and curved walls.

Soar to new heights with your family, friends, teammates and co-workers!

Catch some air and get some exercise while jumping feet first into fun at Air Insanity.

Insane Air Bag

The Insane Air Bag, will have you launching into your favorite stunts and tricks. The air-bag technology creates a super soft, safe landing experience and is great for all ages.

Warrior Battle Beam

Are you ready to compete against friends and foes?

The Warrior Battle Beam pits you against your mortal enemies, also known as friends, brothers and/or sisters. Venture onto the beam that spans the Foam Pit and try to drive your opponent off the beam into the pit.

Guests must be 42” or taller to Joust.

Please note that not all attractions are available for our guests at all times.

Fidget Ladder

Getting to the top is harder than it looks!

The Fidget ladder is a challenging low element climbing ladder that encourages balance, coordination and group support!

Insane Dodgeball

Show off your acrobatics and catch it if you can!

Insane Dodgeball combines regular dodgeball with wall-to-wall trampolines, creating one epic dodgeball experience. Pick-up games are held daily.

  • At Air Insanity we take our Safety & Dodgeball seriously
  • We attempt to size separate our players when possible
  • Guests that do not follow the rules will be removed from the game, the court and possibly the park
  • Referees typically use wireless headsets and speakers so players can hear the rules and safety instructions

Toddler Zone

Your kids 5 years-old and younger have their own play area, so your whole family can have fun at Air Insanity. Our Toddler Zone is perfect for your toddlers who may still be a little unsteady on their feet.

Enjoy a relaxing massage in one of our chairs while the little ones play!

 We require that socks be worn at all times in the play areas.

Warrior Obstacle Course

Bring out your inner Ninja and attempt to conquer Rochester’s best Warrior Obstacle Course.

Our Course consist of 3 lanes including 12 challenges.

The Warrior Obstacle Course is included in your Open Jump Admission.

Extreme Warp Wall

Can you conquer the Warped Wall?

Our Extreme Warp Wall features 3 different heights to scale. Test your limits and reach the top of our 14’ wall.

Slam Dunk Courts

DREAM BIG…Practice your amazing SLAM DUNK on one of our Slam Dunk Courts!

Take a flying leap from court-side onto a trampoline and into the hoop!

Traverse Climbing Wall

Traverse, or climb across and test your skills on our Traverse wall. No ropes or harnesses are needed.

Climbing enhances strength, coordination and endurance.

Vault Escape Lazer Maze

Laser Maze – 2 Games to Choose from

Ninja Vault Escape Challenge: Using agility, quick thinking, and speed, players avoid a field of laser beams to engage mission objectives. Those quick on their feet and up for a challenge will want to play through all four levels: easy, medium, hard, and expert. The inherent challenge of beating your score makes this gameplay easy to learn and impossible to master.

Beam Buster Challenge: Letting loose and jumping around, players explore through a field of laser beams to break as many as possible under a time crunch. Energy-filled players will love the addicting fun of beams that pop back to life once they’ve all been broken.

Insanity Nerf Zone


Air Insanity Takes NERF to a whole new level!

Join the Nerf Elite…Put your Nerf skills to the test with the ultimate indoor battlefield. A Nerf Zone Commander will lead your session, and they will guide you through the non-stop activities ahead. Each participant will receive a target vest, goggles and of course the all-important Blaster.

NERF ZONE is suitable for children aged 6 and over ONLY. 

Virtual Reality Zone

Welcome to the amazing world of virtual reality! Suit up and battle, target practice or just play a fun game of Angry Birds with some of the most advanced VR equipment. NOW HERE!!

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Catch some air and get some exercise while jumping feet first into fun at Air Insanity.